Comprehensive & Deliberate Web Presence


As Digital Marketeers we can:

Improve Inbound Marketing

These marketing activities are focused on being present where the customer happens to be, provide enough information so that they consider your product and then directs them to a location where the can find out more. Strategic Inbound Marketing is about finding the right market segment on the right channel and presenting the right message. With digital channels it is possible not only to target carefully, but to measure the results, compare different strategies and to utilise the most effective. Your product needs to appear in the right place, at the right time and with the right message. What is often forgotten at this stage is the ‘Call To Action’, the easy next step that the customer can take to start a conversation with you.

Attracting more visitors

 Attracting visitors to your website is the equivalent of getting them to look into your shop window, you only have around 10 seconds to entice them to open the door and walk into your premises. Your Landing Page is the window into your business, it is not enough to have attractive looking stock pictures, the page must reflect your brand image and quickly and concisely convey how your product can help your customers.  This is not what your product does, but what it does for your customers.

Inspiring your customers

Inspiring your customers is this establishing the relevance of your offer to the visitor, once this has been achieved you can start to build engagement and convert them into true customers. Building on the marketing strategy Treehouse Digital Marketing can help build truly effective Landing Pages, monitor their success and test different strategies to find the exact approach that works best for your customers. Having inspired the visitors to read further the right mix of content and offers can cause further engagement to either make a purchase or register their details so that you can converse with them on a more personal basis.

Capturing the power of Social Media

Social Media can be a powerful marketing force when deployed correctly allowing your customers to experience of your company on a more personal level. However there are risks associated with its use and therefore the correct resources and planning needs to be in place.

Social Media is about being social with your customers. When building your strategy it is important to remember that Social Media is not about selling your product, it is about engagement. This is usually achieved by sharing news about your company and products, building loyal customers who will be proud to share the joy of your brand with their friends.

Treehouse can advise you how particular channels can be beneficial to your business. They will help you establish best marketing practices to manage your social interactions and to monitor the response. Our strategic marketing approach to social media is focused on how each activity increases the value and visibility of your brand.

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