Strategic Consulting

Our consultants are experienced in many facets that contribute to a comprehensive business and marketing strategy. Depending on the need of your business, workshops on key areas can be run to strength the understanding and uncover the opportunities available.

Typical areas where we provide consultancy

Company Assets

The starting point for any strategy is to catalogue and understand your assets and resources. These include products, staff, marketing budget, advocates, loyal customers, CRM data etc. It is important to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths of each one, how they relate to each other. This is the core from which to work from. As these assets are spread over numerous departments, having an external independent party conduct workshops to collect and report gives the business a unique insight into itself.

Product Attributes

The crux of marketing is to drive more sales of the product for the company, but filling the sales channels. Therefore the product must be well understood to be successful. The attributes of the product not only includes the hard technical features, but the soft attributes and how it makes the customer feel.

Where there may be a gap between perceived attributes and benefits Treehouse can conduct in-depth Market Research to gain real consumer in-sights into current or new offerings, to determine if they are fit for purpose before major investment.

Service Touch-Points

Most business recognise the benefits of adding services to their offerings. The benefits are numerous: added-value to the customer, greater insights and connection with the customers, protection of market share etc.  Digital Media can provided greater and richer customer touch-points, but first the existing ones need to be understood.

Target Demographics

Having understood your offering, the next part of the process is to really understand the target segment you are aiming for and are the two sides a good match. For the target demographics to be right, certain basic criteria need to be met: Do they exist? Can they be specifically reached? Will the be interested in your offering? Can they afford the prices you need to charge to be profitable?

Building up a good picture or customer profile can steer your offerings, branding and channels of communication.

Consumer Insights

With the exception of truly innovative offerings, there are always existing consumers of your product and they will have an opinion on it.  Knowing if you are achieving ‘brand love’ or if you have to perform damage control are just the two extremes. More often it is possible to find out that you are spending valuable resources on something that really doesn’t matter to the majority of your customers, but yet you are under serving them elsewhere.  A company that can address these issues is one that will win more of the market share.

Market Intelligence

The world is a complex place and the business world is a complex place that is forever changing! The relationship between you and your customers is difficult enough to manage at times, but to stay ahead of the competition you also need to take into account the remaining four of Porters five forces. Market Intelligence is the gathering of this data and presenting it in away that business leaders can make informed decisions.

We can help you navigate your needs from annual market reports to dynamic MI Systems.

Nurturing Creativity

“Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration” – Thomas Alva Edison.

Treehouse considers strategic marketing success to be 90% information and 10% creativity. Creativity is vital to make the receipt work and often this creativity is resident in your company, but needs nurturing to grow. We are experienced in running creativity workshop that delivers output that can be transformative of your business at a deep level.

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