Marketing HQ

Our Treehouse Consultants have expertise in:

Tools & Processes

In order to operate, a marketing function needs access to the correct tools and expertise. There are a plethora of tools readily available and with our expertise we can help you to select and install the ones which are right for your business.

Unless your processes change alongside any new tools, then there cannot be any significant transformation in your delivery. Treehouse consultants can help you optimise your process as the tools are implemented.

Change Management

Our consultants are also experts in Change Management, so we can smooth the transition to new working practices and tools. Your staff need to be well trained and supported and ensure that the benefits of investments are realised and that your business is transformed.

Data Driven Decisions

In todays fast moving, competitive world you need more than ‘gut instinct’ to be successful, no matter how great your product is. To convert as many visitors into paying customers need to know how they behave so that you can offer them the best service. In traditional stores the best sales personnel will learn from personal interactions with every visitor i.e. what clinches or loses a sale.

Marketing Data & Analysis

In the digital world tools and techniques are available that can track where your visitors come from, what they look at and at what point do they buy or leave. All the tools are readily available to capture the information and make your own ‘big data’, what is required is planning and cataloging so that you know what you have access to

Build Insights & follow up

Once you have your own ‘big data’, there are then two very important steps to in order to realise benefits:

  • Build insights
  • Take Action

It is also possible to follow up with those that leave without purchasing and win back the sale. This can only happen if your data is successfully interrogated and patterns can be found.  This knowledge will only then be turned into increased profit if action then occurs.

Treehouse Services Include:

  • Tool Selection & Implementation
  • Process Improvement & Change Management
  • Platform Integrations
  • Mail Campaign Platforms
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Standard Reporting & Customer Insights

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