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Treehouse Digital Marketing: 

Product, Place, Promotion

Treehouse Digital Marketing Agency

Strategic Consulting

Defining your product offering and how it is positioned within the market is the first essential step to success.

Establishing how your target customers perceive your product and communications is to understand the potential of the success.

Determining what you need to do to achieve that success completes the strategy.

Our team of experienced Marketing Consultants work with you to refine your strategy in a way to optimise your profit potential.

Web Presence 

In order to win your share of commerce from the web, your business needs to present itself in the right way to the right people in the right locations. It is not enough to merely have a website, you need to operate where your customers spend their time in an engaging way that leads them to discover your unique offering and to complete the transaction.

Treehouse is not a company of developers, we are a team of marketing consultants that can quickly and effectively establish your commercial presence on the web. When we develop a website, we develop a business engine.

Marketing HQ

In order to operate, a marketing function needs access to the correct tools and expertise. There are a plethora of tools readily available and with our expertise we can select and install the ones which are right for your business.

Our consultants are also experts in Change Management, so we can smooth the transition to new working places, your staff are trained and ensure that the benefits of investments are realised and that your business is transformed.

Treehouse is happy to work as a virtual Marketing function or provide operational support and services.

Strategic Consulting

Our team of experienced Marketing Consultants work with you to define your product offering in the market place and determine the best options to develop your business and to optimise your profit potential.

  • Define your position
  • Customer Insights
  • Lead Conversion Optimisation
  • Promotion Strategy

Consultants can help by providing an external viewpoint on your strategy, which will highlight both strengths and weakness that only this perspective can provide. Through this your company can find new options that will can provide better growth opportunities. Using techniques and tools established in bluechip industries, Treehouse can deliver the insights to transform your business.

Treehouse Digital Marketing Agency - Image Baumraum Palm Fiction

Picture curtesy of baumraum: “Palm Fiction”:  www.baumraum.de

Web Presence

To benefit from the explosion of on-line traffic, you need to have a presence. This means being visible to the right  people, promoting your brand with the right message and encouraging action towards a sale.

  • Placement Analysis
  • Brand Image Definition
  • Web Development
  • Call To Action enhancement

The services from Treehouse can establish an effective presence across the right platforms for your product to increase marketing opportunities and reduce the costs of sales leads.

Picture curtesy of baumraum: “Palm Fiction”:  www.baumraum.de

Treehouse Digital Marketing offers a wide range of services tailored to the ambitions of your company. For a guide please see Our Services.

Marketing HQ

Successful marketing has as much to do about what happens behind the scenes in the office as the final content that reaches the audience. To build a well run marketing function it is important to choose the right tools and design the processes that support operations.

  • Analytics & competitive intelligence
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Content & Release Management
  • Social Media & Event Management

The above tools are just a flavour of what may be needed. In developing a business strategy Treehouse consultants can build a roadmap of the most essential systems and processes needed in order to take your business to the next level. With our Information Technology  & Change Management expertise we can help make the introduction of new tools as smooth and transformational as possible.

Picture curtesy of baumraum: “Palm Fiction”:  www.baumraum.de